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Harriet Freel, Recuitment Agent

Leigh Robinson, Professional Dancer

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For anyone looking for a personal trainer in Clapham, Bethefittest offers great one to one or group personal training sessions. Our unique programmes have been designed to give you the best experience whilst reaching your desired targets on time. Bethefittest delivers its services outdoors in Clapham's beautiful local parks eg. Clapham Common, at your home, work office or in our private studio. We work to suit your lifestyle and timing without sacrificing on the caliber of training and intensity.

To start with, you will have a consultation and a physical analysis which consists functional movement screens and a full body composition analysis. This will help us design your training programme and strategise goals which will be unique to you. We will also create a full dietary plan for you to implement during the programme which will be made realistically to you but ensuring results are inevitable.

Bethefittest has various special packages to cater for each of our clients, each package is suited for different goals and timeframes. If you cannot see a package that matches your goals and timeframe, let us know and we can book you in to discuss creating your own. To view our latest packages Click Here

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Real Results 


RESULTS! In just 4 weeks of our training and sticking to the Bethefittest Dietary plan. Harriet LOST 7% BODY FAT.


We made a tailored exercise programme for Harriet ensuring results will be inevitable. We also gave her a realistic dietary program which was implemented throughout the programme. We done lots of high intensity training never sticking to the same exercises session after session. Harriet worked hard and as a result lost 7% of her body fat in just 4 weeks


About Clapham


For anyone looking to work with a personal trainer in Clapham, they will quickly find it's a great location to exercise and keep fit.

With Clapham Common on the doorstep, there are numerous options for different ways to tone up and work out. There's an all-weather games area and tennis courts available throughout the year, as well as 108 acres of outside space which boasts ecological areas and woodland to run or walk through. There's also Clapham Park for anyone who wants to explore other parts of the district.

It's a beautiful area of London to use to its fullest as you improve your health with your Be the fittest personal trainer in Clapham.