Tyrone Brennand

Tyrone Brennand


Tyrone founded Bethefittest in 2013. He has spent the last 14 years learning, training and teaching within the depths of the health and fitness industry and is now pursuing his life long goal to motivate, support and teach others a healthier and realistic way of living in order to achieve the best “YOU” possible. His determination, Commitment and innovative fitness programs have made him a sought after personal trainer who can help you effectively achieve your goals.

His inspirational, and highly effective approach to training has proven very successful and has been adapted to suit everyone regardless of their age, size and weight. Tyrone believes every day is a new day for learning and progressing. Fitness is such a passion that it is never a closed book and he is always open to expanding his knowledge to help others. His goal? To help people change their lifes for the better.

It is through Tyrone’s developed health programs, people can achieve their goals and lead the life they have always aspired to.  His passion and enthusiasm will always keep you motivated, you will have on going support and success will be inevitable!

Tyrone brennand




  • LAO Level 3 Diploma In Personal Training and Business Planning (QCF)

  • Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity

  • Lifetime Awarding Award in Adapting Exercise for Older Adults

  • Adapting Award In Ante Natal and Post Natal Participants

  • OLF's Certification of 'Extreme Kettlebell Instructor' (EKI)

  • St Johns Ambulance First Aid At Work